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Application Essay Writing

Get that perfect essay that truly represents you, your thoughts, and your perspectives! Our application essay experts will optimise your chances of selection to the college of your choice.

Application Essay Writing Made Easy for You

Application essays are one of the most important essays a student is required to submit. They directly enhance or lower the chances of selection of students in their dream institutions, be it at the school level or the university level. They are all the more important for international students, who undergo additional processes for selection. That is why, ‌application essays need to be perfect and one can not take any chances with them. For other essays in the curriculum, one can make up for them in later exams or essays, but not with application essay writing.  So, it becomes prudent for students to seek proficient assistance for application essay writing. Professionals have a better idea of the entire process as they know how to present a particular student and their story in the best light to increase their chances of selection. 

This is what brings students to us at GradeMiner for application essay writing services. Here, we meet their ‌ expectations and aspirations. 

Let us tell you how:

What Types of Application Essay Writing Services Do You Get Here?

Application essay writing is different from other types of essays students are required to submit. Unlike other essays, here students are required to reflect upon their own experiences in most of the cases.  

At GradeMiner, the following types of help are available for students:

  • Custom application essay writing services
  • Application essay writing services
  • Application essay editing services
  • Application essay proofreading services

So, whatever need they have from formatting or proofreading to be confident in their work, they can count on us.

What Gets an Application Essay Rejected?

Students work hard on their application essays. They spend hours researching, brainstorming, writing, and editing. They try their best, but sometimes they just seem to miss something that is a crucial component of application essay writing. Let us decode that for students. These are some of the reasons students often face rejection in their application essay writing. 

  • Not following the guidelines
  • Plagiarised work
  • Irrelevant facts and information
  • Lack of originality
  • Lack of substance to support the claims made
  • Inconsistently written
  • Grammatical errors and inconsistencies

Essay writing for college applications is easier said than done. And it requires years of experience to get better at all the points mentioned above. Thus, opting for professional assistance for application essays helps students in getting a standout college essay.


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PhD Accounting

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MBA in Finance

Why is GradeMiner the Best Application Essay Provider for You?

When it comes to application essay writing, GradeMiner ticks all the boxes for being a reliable provider. The following features make us stand out from others. 

  • Highly qualified writers at their disposal
  • Plagiarism-free application essays
  • Free Revisions
  • Confidentiality
  • Student-friendly pricing
  • Safe and secure payments
  • 24/7 support for students ’ needs

These features make us one of the most professional and student go-to services. To make use of them, contact us now.

How You Can Place An Order Here For Application Essay Writing?

The process for placing an order at our application essay writing is easy. Students are required to follow these simple steps:

  • Tell us what they need, the specifics and be detailed here
  • Get a price quotation, make the payment
  • Take a break (they don’t need to do anything, our pro writers will take care of everything)
  • Get the application essay to their satisfaction

And in case students get stuck in any of these or need any sort of help, our support team is always there. So, in case of queries related to any aspect of application essay writing, students can reach out to them.

Your application essay is not just a piece of writing; it is your opportunity to introduce yourself, to stand out, and to make a memorable impression. Use it wisely to showcase your uniqueness and let your voice shine through. So, one should get all the help they can gather and give it their best shot.


The pricing for application essay writing services depends on several factors. That includes the word count, deadline and complexity of the essay among others. Students should place orders early to receive better pricing. However, when choosing GradeMiner, students need not worry about paying too much since our prices are student-friendly.

Yes, at GradeMiner you can always get revisions on requests. After reviewing it, you can provide feedback and change requests for improvements needed. Our experts work closely with you until final revisions have been completed and are to your satisfaction.

No matter how good, no service can guarantee admission. That decision lies solely with the institution or organisation to which you are applying. However, having an eye-catching and well-written application essay can increase your chances of being noticed and considered during the selection process. So, one should focus on things that are actually in their hand. And, when one submits the best work, they are always on the better side.

Our essay writing services stay up-to-date on the newest trends and requirements in college and job applications. Knowing all the aspects of application essay writing allows our pro writers to meet the expectations of students in the best way. Thus, enhancing their overall prospects of making it into their dream colleges.


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